Roles and Responsibilities

Each academic and administrative department is responsible for managing its records from creation to disposition. Departments often choose one staff member to serve as a clearinghouse for records management information and to act as liaison between the department and the University Archives and University Records Management. This employee:

  • Understands the records being created within the department, where those records reside, and on what storage media;
  • Ensures that all employees in the department are aware of the records management support available to them;
  • Consults the University Records Manager on matters related to retention and disposition of records and, if necessary, assists in the development of a department-specific records retention schedule for the records of the department;
  • Establishes the level of confidentiality and security appropriate to specific types of records and helps the unit maintain and monitor confidentiality and security;
  • Assists in the preservation and retrieval of records of the department subject to a legal hold as directed by the Office of General Counsel; and
  • Facilitates the transfer of permanent departmental records to the University Archives.

Even in departments that have designated someone to serve in this role, all employees are responsible for managing and maintaining the records they create in accordance with records management best practices and University policies.

The University Records Manager is responsible for supporting University staff in their efforts to appropriately manage the University records in their custody. To meet this responsibility, the University Records Manager:

  • Identifies and communicates records management best practices for use by University staff;
  • Creates record retention schedules;
  • Creates procedures and tools to enable University staff to implement the record retention schedules and offers training on how to use these tools;
  • Presents records management best practices informational sessions and targeted workshops to University departments and interdepartmental groups upon request;
  • Works with departments to provide unit-specific records management plans;
  • Provides training in developing filing systems and file-naming conventions; and
  • Provides training specific to the management of electronic records.

The University Archives serves as the steward of University records of enduring value, in any form, that are entrusted to its care. As such, it has the duty and authority to collect, appraise, describe, preserve, and make available University records of enduring value in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations, approved retention schedules, and University policies.