Let the records management begin!

Welcome to Princeton University’s records management blog. My name is Anne Marie Phillips, and, as University Records Manager, my job at Princeton is to help you manage your records and information in ways that will make your work easier, ensure that you are in compliance with Princeton’s information management goals and responsibilities, and identify records that are of permanent value to Princeton that should be transferred to the University Archives when they are no longer being actively used in your office. University records include paper files, electronic files, e-mail, databases, photographs, and more; if it is evidence of the work you do, it is a record.

I will use this blog to provide you with news, information, and helpful hints that will bring records-related issues to your attention, answer your records management questions, and give you ideas and methods for achieving your own records management goals.

The types of entries you can expect to find here include:

  • Records-related news items (e.g., Ohio State University Hacked – Records of 760,000 Compromised);
  • Links to Princeton-specific records information, including policies, procedures, and records schedules (which indicate how long you should keep records and what to do with them when they’re no longer needed);
  • Discussions of specific records issues (e.g., managing e-mail, setting up a workable filing system, etc.); and
  • Best practices guides and FAQs.

Please feel free to submit ideas for discussion, and to make comments and suggestions. If you need a records consultation or detailed information specific to the records in your office, please e-mail me at ap2@princeton.edu.