Services and Training


Princeton University Records Management offers a constellation of services to University academic and administrative staff including:

  • Records inventory and retention plan development;
  • Records storage, retrieval, and destruction;
  • Assistance in the development of filing systems and file-naming conventions;
  • Assistance in planning digitization and document management implementations;
  • Training in all areas of application of records management policies and procedures; and
  • Liaison services between University offices and the University Archives.

We encourage you to browse the website to familiarize yourself with Princeton's records management policies and procedures and then contact us at [email protected] if you require further assistance.


Princeton University Records Management provides specialized records management training sessions for University staff by appointment. Commonly requested training sessions include:

  • Records Management Best Practices
  • Electronic Records Management
  • File System Development and Naming Conventions
  • Shared Drive File Management
  • How to use a Record Retention and Disposition Schedule

To request a training session for your department, please e-mail [email protected] or call us at 609-258-6345.